Tips for Camping in Mountains and Beaches

Besides climbing, of course you also like camping. Fun little adventurer, more or less sleeping in the open. The location can be anywhere, generally mountains or beaches. Easy access, fast and cheap.

Filling vacation time with camping, it is the right choice. Isn’t that the kind of outdoor activity you want? Equipment that must be carried by doom tents, mattresses, backpacks, sleeping bags, hammocks, jackets, raincoats, first aid kits, sufficient food and water supplies during the activity. Choose a good place, closest to your area. Better to camp in a allowed place, not a restricted area and obey the rules.

Mountains are a favorite spot for climbers. After trekking far, arrived at the peak looking for a field, tired of needing rest and then setting up a tent. The next relay is waiting for the sunrise. But for some people, climbing the mountain is too heavy. If you can’t afford it, just on the slopes or hills, the scenery is no less tempting. Hilly areas are usually also near rock cliffs, forests or water sources.

Can do challenging things, there are high canyons, interested in rock climbing. But forget to bring rock climbing equipment, don’t do it at risk. Another option is to explore the jungle tour to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the wilderness of green trees, including camping, flying fox and cycling. While camping with lake spots, lakes, rivers and waterfalls. The choices are swimming, cliff jumping, canyoning, canoeing and fishing.

The ocean is a favorite destination for surfers, divers and snorkelers. Another step, camping on the beach is also an interesting thing. The famous beach has too many tourists, perhaps the alternative is to go to anti-mainstream tourist areas. The destination is white sand beach that is still pristine, rarely visited by visitors, the atmosphere is fun for refreshing and relaxing, natural spots and beautiful sunsets. Isn’t that the kind of place you seek and dream of?

While camping in the mountains and beaches. In the evening, take advantage of free time to sing, share stories in togetherness to enjoy the night sky sparkling with stars. Fall asleep, wake up early. What’s the next plan?