Solo Traveling Tips, What to Prepare

Traveling is indeed one of the fun activities, what if the trip is done alone? What’s interesting? Solo Traveling is better, because it can decide which tourist destinations we want and without being limited by plans that are usually done together.

In addition, unique to the latest things are easy to find. Like the experience of social interaction with new people, even making new friends when traveling solo. Sometimes, you can even get inspiration after traveling. Interesting right. However, to travel alone requires an intensive plan.

Here are 7 Solo Traveling Tips that you need to prepare including:

0. Before going on a trip, you should make careful planning. So that everything goes well, and safe of course. Find and find out information about the destination area, transportation, culture, attractions, costs, restaurants where to eat, the location of the hotel to stay in to calculate the level of comfort and security of the area.

1. Write a message where the destination is traveling and have to say goodbye to family or friends. This is very important, not to be underestimated. Then, if there is a change in the itinerary, notify them immediately. Call immediately, write short messages, update social media status, if necessary use GPS coordinates. So our whereabouts are monitored.

2. Put money in a safe place, bring enough nominal. Keep money in safe places, don’t put it in the same place, including bank cards. Do not show the money in its entirety, in front of strangers. If you can bring a small amount of money, of course it will be needed someday. If you pay / shop for something, you should pay with the right money.

3. All necessities are placed in a small day pack and backpack. If you are traveling alone, these two tools are very necessary to put your luggage. For the small day pack bag, it must always be attached to you, don’t let it slip. Fill in the items that are needed. When staying at a hotel, a backpack does not need to be taken for a walk. A small day pack is enough.

It’s better to bring your own food and drinks. In order not to be too consumptive, so that costs can be diverted for other needs. The amount that is brought should not be too much, just enough. You should not accept any packages, be it food or drinks from strangers you have not met before.

5. Don’t wear too flashy clothes that get a lot of attention. If you can, just be normal and don’t get the wrong costume. So choose according to the place to be visited, it seems more appropriate. Also keep in mind, don’t wear valuable jewelry, it would be nice to keep it simple. It makes for a comfortable atmosphere.

6. Don’t tell people you don’t know when you’re traveling solo. If asked, the answer is that they are waiting for family or friends who are coming with the group to come here. Just be smart to put the position of our existence. It needs more scrutiny, to prevent something unexpected.

7. Do not show valuables and gadgets too often. Such as jewelry, cellphones, cameras or others, which are quite expensive. It is best to store it in a bag or a closed place when not in use. Usually in tourist attractions there will always be thieves stalking tourists. Do not be careless and negligent in the slightest, something trivial must also be considered carefully.