Note! 10 Things Not to Do When Traveling in Singapore

Singapore is one of the favorite tourist destinations for Indonesian tourists. The country which is famous for the Merlion statue is also often the choice of Indonesians who are traveling abroad for the first time. In addition to the close distance, to be able to go to Singapore you also only need to bring a passport.

As a popular tourist destination, it turns out that Singapore is also known as a country that has many rules, you know! If you pay attention, there are many restrictions that you think are strange to apply in Singapore. The goal is to keep Singapore clean and orderly.

Curious about the restrictions applied in Singapore? Let’s look at some of the following things that should not be done when traveling to Singapore.

No spitting indiscriminately

In Indonesia you may often see people spitting on the roadside or in public places. Well, it’s different in Singapore where you shouldn’t try to spit carelessly while in the country.

In Singapore there is a prohibition against spitting indiscriminately. If caught, a violator will be subject to a fine of up to SGD 1000 or the equivalent of IDR 10 million. Wow, expensive too huh?

Not Flushing the Toilet? Get ready to be fined

When using public toilets in Singapore, don’t forget to flush the toilet! Remember to always flush the toilet. If you forget you will be fined up to SGD 500 you know. You don’t want to have to pay a fine just because you forgot to flush the toilet?

Don’t just cross the road

In Some country, maybe we tend to be free to cross the road anywhere. Now in Singapore, we have to cross at the zebra cross by pressing the crosswalk light. Wait until the green light comes on, then we can cross.

We can just cross when no vehicles pass at all. However, if caught, we can be fined SGD 500 you know. So even though the streets are quiet, we must still follow the rules of crossing the road.

No Chewing Gum

Do you like chewing gum? If so, please remember that you are not allowed to chew gum while in Singapore. It turns out that chewing gum is prohibited in Singapore, one cannot sell, manufacture, import and consume chewing gum.

This prohibition is applied to keep the environment clean. You will only find health gum in pharmacies in Singapore. If you are desperate to chew gum, get ready to be fined SGD 100 or the equivalent of Rp. 1 million.

Be careful using WIFI from unknown connections

If you accidentally catch an unknown internet connection while in Singapore, don’t be happy just yet, let alone quickly connect it to your device. Did you know that this is considered an act of hacking in Singapore.

In other words you can be accused of stealing WIFI. If you find out the fine is not half-hearted, you have to pay SGD 1000!

Do not Feed Pigeons

In several spots in Singapore you can see clay pigeons gathering. If you happen to see it, don’t ever give the flock of pigeons something to eat!

In Singapore there is a ban on feeding pigeons. If caught feeding someone, a fine of SGD 500 can be imposed. So just enjoy the sight of this beautiful flock of pigeons.

This rule also applies to other animals such as squirrels and monkeys to prevent them from asking people. The food given by humans is also not necessarily suitable for them.

Wherever You Are, Don’t Throw Garbage Carefully

Well this one rule seems to be applied wherever we are. In Singapore, if you are caught littering, you will be fined SGD 300 – 1000. If you accidentally drop trash, you will still be fined SGD 200.

Even when disposing of garbage, you have to sort it according to the type of waste. Garbage bins in Singapore generally separate recyclable and non-recyclable waste.

Don’t smoke arbitrarily

You are not allowed to smoke anywhere while in Singapore. If you want to smoke, you should first see if there is a no smoking sign because you are not allowed to smoke in a smoke-free zone. If caught violating, you will be fined up to SGD 1000.

It’s a bit difficult to smoke in Singapore. Almost no corner of the city of Singapore that can be used for smoking. This does not only apply in public places, you know, but also almost all inns in Singapore.

Durian fans should be careful

In Singapore, durian is not sold anywhere, for example on the roadside as in Indonesia. Durian is also not allowed to be taken on public transportation such as MRT and buses. If you want to buy durian in Singapore, you have to queue at a fruit shop and eat at a place that sells durian.

Can’t Swim on Cloudy Weather

If the weather in Singapore is cloudy, you should refrain from swimming. Officers will not give permission to swim. This is because the Singapore government is very concerned about the safety of citizens to avoid being struck by lightning.

They install a lightning light in the pool or a lightning alarm that will sound as a sign you have to get out of the pool. Even if there are only a few clouds, officers will not give permission to swim until the clouds are gone.