National Register Of Historic Locations

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We invite you to open doorways into the past and extra fully perceive the world we reside in at present. The Virgin Islands have 5 listings, Puerto Rico has four, and island possessions within the South Pacific have six. Five listings are found in Pacific island nations with which the U.S. has established a free association agreement, and one itemizing, the American Legation in Tangier (the nation’s first foreign public property), is found within the unaffiliated Kingdom of Morocco. From the Outer Banks to the Blue Ridge Mountains, from coastal sand dunes to icy mountain streams, North Carolina thrills the imagination of tourists and residents alike. Equally as diverting as its pure beauty is the historical past of its individuals. Explore and expertise the wealthy history of our state wherever you’re. Here you’ll find virtual tours, hand-on actions, and opportunities to travel back in time.

The United States National Historic Landmark Program is designed to acknowledge and honor the nation’s cultural and historic heritage. The program was formally inaugurated with a sequence of listings on October 9, 1960; as of August 21, 2020, there are 2,597 designated landmarks. A National Historic Landmark is usually a building, district, object, site, or construction, that’s officially acknowledged by the United States government for its nationwide historic significance. A National Historic Landmark District is a historic district that is acknowledged as an NHL.

historical sites

The National Register program launched an electronic-only submission process for the duration of the COVID-19 state of affairs.

Healing on the Land is a project exploring the ways in which North Carolina Historic Sites and their histories speak to the some of the challenges and potential outcomes of the current moment. Click on a state to see an inventory of the National Historic Landmarks in that state.