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In order to fly for hours and for lengthy distances a glider wants to be able to acquire altitude or, at a minimum, keep altitude. This is a problem since grasp gliders and paragliders don’t have engines. Like an enormous paper airplane, once airborne, a glider is continually being pulled down toward the bottom by gravity. The only method to combat that is to get the glider into air that’s rising sooner than the glider is descending.

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There are many alternative ranges on which hang gliding and paragliding may be pursued. There are those that get pleasure from simple top of the hill to bottom of the hill sled rides. There are those who wish to acquire 1000’s of ft of altitude and fly long distances. This is a sport of progressions – it’s really a lifelong sport with a lifetime of learning. Paragliders use lifting air in exactly the identical means as other gliding plane, though their low velocity precludes their use in strong winds. Using thermal carry, soaring flights of 100 miles are frequent.


The result might be that the glider is ready to acquire altitude or at least preserve its altitude. The first is by circling the glider in a thermal, which is a column of heat rising air. The other is by flying the glider in “ridge raise” which is created when wind hits an obstruction like a mountain or hill and will get deflected up the face of it. As long as the glider stays within the upward moving air it’s going to stay aloft, however as quickly as it flies out of the upward moving air, the glider will begin to gently descend again. Circling with a bird in a thermal or flying over a neighborhood mountain range is an experience that can by no means be forgotten.