Note! 10 Things Not to Do When Traveling in Singapore

Singapore is one of the favorite tourist destinations for Indonesian tourists. The country which is famous for the Merlion statue is also often the choice of Indonesians who are traveling abroad for the first time. In addition to the close distance, to be able to go to Singapore you also only need to bring a passport.

As a popular tourist destination, it turns out that Singapore is also known as a country that has many rules, you know! If you pay attention, there are many restrictions that you think are strange to apply in Singapore. The goal is to keep Singapore clean and orderly.

Curious about the restrictions applied in Singapore? Let’s look at some of the following things that should not be done when traveling to Singapore.

No spitting indiscriminately

In Indonesia you may often see people spitting on the roadside or in public places. Well, it’s different in Singapore where you shouldn’t try to spit carelessly while in the country.

In Singapore there is a prohibition against spitting indiscriminately. If caught, a violator will be subject to a fine of up to SGD 1000 or the equivalent of IDR 10 million. Wow, expensive too huh?

Not Flushing the Toilet? Get ready to be fined

When using public toilets in Singapore, don’t forget to flush the toilet! Remember to always flush the toilet. If you forget you will be fined up to SGD 500 you know. You don’t want to have to pay a fine just because you forgot … Read More

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